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The Invest Hotel Scheme is an alternative financing mechanism that allows new hotel developers and existing hotel companies to sell hotel rooms to finance the construction of new hotels or the renovation, reconstruction, modification or improvement of existing hotels. It offers individual buyers all the facilities of an exquisitely furnished luxury resort, with amenities such as dining, fully equipped spas and fitness centers, resort-style pools, with the promise of income. The unit owner or anyone acting on his or her behalf may use the unit for a total of 45 days over a 12-month period. While enjoying the privilege of their hotel unit, each owner has the opportunity to share in the untapped revenue of the hotel and enjoy the benefits of diversification through sale-leaseback.

Important documents:

  • Guidelines for Invest Hotel Scheme
  • Regulations for Invest Hotel Scheme
  • Application form for Invest Hotel Scheme
  • Invest Hotel Scheme Regulations

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